Monday, January 7, 2013


We've been back for 60 days now. It feels like forever. The girls are doing fantastic. Mila and Estella are 3 months 6 days and Lucy is 2 months 18 days. Estella and Lucy are basically normal size for their age (11-12 lbs) and Mila is a slim 9lbs 7 oz but still in normal range. We have a great nanny helping us and we have managed to stick to a tight schedule. Girls get bath and go to bed around 8pm and sleep til about 2am. They then sleep til about 6am. Not bad, we will keep the night feed a few months longer. People everywhere tell us what "good" babies we have: they really only cry when hungry, need to be changed or uncomfortable--our nanny tells us all three are easier than some of the single babies she has cared for but we wouldn't know the difference (probably for the best). They all started babbling lately and it is so cute. They seem ready to talk and move. We are working on pushing up on arms from belly (I am such a tiger mom!). The nanny is gone on weekends and it is just Mr. M. and I and even then we manage pretty well.

As far as India updates, we are still waiting on the termination of surrogate parental rights which we can then use to complete the second parent adoption. It seems to be taking a long time. Finally, we are really hopeful that the supreme court will help us in June and allow my husband to get his Green Card. It is hard to imagine that the US which puts such priority on families would send a father of three back to England!

And now the best part. The pictures.

Lulu loves to hang with the girls

Estella is our charmer. She looks at you (or anyone for that matter) and her whole face lights up in a huge smile. And then she just starts laughing and laughing.

Lucy is just happy go lucky. Nothing seems to faze her. She also knows how to "smize" for the camera. Tyra Banks would love it!

Mila has inherited my New York attitude. She'll smile at you, but you will work for it. She has also inherited Mr. M.s ability to work head-gear. Here she is serving fabulous-baby realness! She is so hungry for fame-power-food she will destroy anyone who gets in her way--even her sister!


  1. They are so beautiful! I loved the video. You guys certainly have your hands full!

  2. ADORABLE FABULOUS WONDERFUL GLORIOUS!!! Gazillions of thank yous for this post. Your girls are doing great and clearly their daddies are too.
    Glad residence stuff looks like it will improve this year... and hopefully marriage equality too in CA.
    Adore seeing your girls, lifted my whole day and spirits.
    Such joyous miracles you all have in each other! Amazing to realize they will be walking and talking in less than a year.
    The key to the 'talking early' is really in the parent listening to the inflections and rhythms of the child's vocalizations and reinforcing them. Also consistency in words you use to refer to key things like milk/food/'fresh' on being changed on diaper table that are important to the children ~ (OR whatever sounds you want the girls to know by association).
    SO THRILLED for you all.

  3. Hi daddies! Thanks so much for writing this blog... my husband and I have been using it as a template for our own surrogacy journey in India. We are currently 10 weeks from the due date and have a question about the legal termination of surrogate's rights. Since we also live in NY state and will need to pursue a second parent adoption, who did you contact to begin that process? If you have a moment, please shoot me an email at Thanks so much and congrats!

  4. OMG your girls are soooo cute!! My husband and I are going to India as well to pick up our baby (surrogacy) - any tips? You mentioned the Phil & Teds was the best purchase you made - is that the stroller you are referring to? I think would be very helpful for newbies like us on this journey if you could post some of the essentials you took with you along with any tips you want to pass along -thanks.

    1. The Phil and teds are the carrier not stroller. Much easier to get in and out of cabs with. In terms of what to bring. Lots of premie stuff if baby is early