Monday, May 14, 2012

Strolling for Three

Now that we have passed the first trimester hurdle and got great results on our double-marker tests my OCD is kicking in and I am obsessed with researching baby products. I am starting with Strollers. My mom very generously offered to help us by getting us a stroller but she thinks we would do best with a double stroller and an Ergo carrier for one. I thought that was a good idea at first, but then I started reading triplet blogs and got the sense that this could get tricky. What if I am out and about wearing one sleeping baby and another gets fussy. My goal is to be as independent as possible so I can handle all three on my own (and eventually Mr. M will too) and I think we need at least one triple stroller for that. Now it gets trickier because we need one lie-flat for infancy and then one sit-up for 9mo+. So here are the top contenders

The two top of the line infant triples are the Peg Perego and the Ingelensia. They are both high quality and about a grand each. I like the look of the Peg and it is easy to steer but the front seat is quite far away. I think in both the seats can be taken out and rearranged but I don't think they double as car seats.  Given that our babies are due in October, I wonder how often we will really go out from November-March. Hopefully they will be almost six months by Spring, maybe we should jump into a toddler one and stick with a cheaper double and carrier til then. Another option is the Triple Decker.

This one has removable car seats which can be replaced by toddle seats later. With the car seats it comes to around $1100. Then again, we don't have a car cause we live in Manhattan. Another interesting option is from Adventure Buggy in New Zealand.

This one is just a bit more expensive (1500) and is not too long or too wide, though having a baby on top like that seems very scary. By toddlerhood we have two options. The runabout was designed by triplet moms and handles great, though it is not the prettiest thing I have ever see. It also runs about $900.

Three options for later also include the BabyJogger (good for outdoor activity and about 500), the Foundations (very easy to fold-up, under $400 but seems a bit flimsy) and the ole-standard, the choo-choo Wagon (which Triplet moms love).

Also, it is possible to buy not-very-used ones off triplet families who don't use them anymore for about 70% of the price. I think the most useful is the runabout but the peg or adventure buggy would be nice for the first year.

Also, I went to a friends wedding the other night (the same one whose Bachelor Party I attended). He had it in a lovely space here in Manhattan (Actually, the space was so nice I was thinking of asking him if M and I can use it for our wedding in September--is that rude?). It seems a lot of people already new about the Triblings and I got lots of questions. I was surprised at how personal they got. Whose sperm did you use? Which one of you is the father? What will you tell them about their mother? Wow. I was not prepared. I tend to be fairly open so I answered all questions but then felt weird about it afterwards. As far as M and I are concerned it doesn't matter who donated what, we are both their fathers, they don't have a mother--or if anyone is their momma, it's gonna be me (but they have two nice ladies who helped us by giving us an egg and letting us use their belly). M and I decided we were going to stop answering these kinds of questions, especially from strangers but even family. No one needs to know the details of our children's conception and birth until they are old enough to understand it themselves and decide how they want to talk about it! Easier said than done. ok so much for strollers, next comes the really big one, childcare!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


ok. We finally are out of the first trimester and can breathe a bit (13wks tomorrow so we are looking at an October trip to India). We have been keeping one thing close to the vest (some people actually guessed it). One of our surrogates is pregnant with twins. That is three all together!!!!! We are excited, scared, grateful, panicked, and ready for the babies to come--all at once. We finally told our friends and families and the reaction has mostly been "how are you going to take care of three babies at once?" We say we don't know exactly but we know it will work out. It might be a bit of of a rough first year but in the end M and I will have the family we have always dreamed of. We are trying to figure out a bit about logistics (i.e. will we need to be in India longer? if so, how will we deal with work? how will we transport the triblings?) so if anyone has any advice or experience that would be wonderful. I think we will have to join some triplet forums. Overall we are excited and grateful to the clinic, the doctors and the lovely surrogates carrying our children.

Here are some pics. (actually pics of pics to hide surrogate details for their privacy)