Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last of my Globetrotting

I've been off for past few weeks and my original plan was to stay home and buy baby products on craigslist but the anticipation for the births in October was making me crazy and obsessive and even though I know I needed to save every last penny, Discover Card decided to "pre-approve" me (big mistake) and off I went for one last and quick adventure to South America on my own. I don't think I'll be doing this again for a long long time, though I did see some German families climbing Machu Picchu with some babies in backpacks so who knows...

Some highlights

 Cotopaxi Volcano outside Quito: It is very cold

I can't believe I actually took this picture

Lake Titicaca: Very high up!

Oh my God, this guy was cute. I wonder if you can have a Llama as a pet?

And of course a babies update. All three are doing great. We are roughly at 26 weeks. I managed to pull this off one of the scans. First time I feel like there might be an actual baby in there!