Saturday, March 31, 2012

But I only have two hands???

I've definitely been filled with excitement and panic the past week as it looks like we are having two. I've been reading blogs for nearly a year and everyone seems very calm about twins and triplets. So I have decided to write a list of all the things that seem scary about twins in no particular order:

1. How can one pick up two crying babies at the same time? Do you take turns or just do one at a time?
2. Does one get very regimented about a schedule? What if they are not on same schedule. If they feed every three hours and it takes about an hour to feed, clean up and get them back to bed, we are looking at 16 hours a day of baby care time!
3. Daycare/Childcare/Schooling. So that would now cost double?
4. How does one make sure to nourish individual relationships with each child so they feel special and unique as well as part of a family?
5. How does one feed two crying babies at the same time?
6. How does one change two poopy diapers at the same time?
7. How will I stop myself from dressing them in adorable matching outfits?
8. Seems like a lot of formula, diapers, wipes. Are their bulk discounts?
9. Mr. M doesn't really like to get up in the middle of the night. He has a more stressful job than me. Does that mean I have to do the night shift?
10. Must their names rhyme?
11. We just moved into our new one bedroom. Does that mean we need to move again? in NYC a two bed is pricey! What if new apt doesn't have washer/dryer?
12. Is there any way we can save money by breastfeeding? Can I induce lactation in myself?
13. Will all the grandmas/grandpas/uncles/aunts/cousins/friends be less willing to babysit two?
14. Will we all get lots of attention from strangers on the street? Will we be stopped at airports as people wonder why two men are leaving town with two little babies?

all right, I better stop, or I'm really going to go overboard!!!!

The truth is whatever the anxieties and fears, M and I are so happy to have a family of our own. As gays, both of us grew up certain that we would never have children. We both had our "hedonistic" 20s and I think most people around us thought we were too much about ourselves to have children. I think we believed that too. We now see that we were so wrong and having our own family seems so right. I guess I need to remember that most of parenting is just about keeping your children alive until they go off to college.


  1. I love you guys. No picture this I'm a single gay male and what of I have twins do I jump off a bridge ;). Hahahaha. I will make do and give it my all because there is nothing in this world I want more then having a family. And even though
    Good men that don't cheat are hard to come by I'm still gonna do it because I am tired of waiting. It's time for me to live my life and my dreams. You two will do fine. I believe it in my heart. So congrats. Btw if you know any men that are go send them to Wisconsin please because I would like to be in love


  2. Hilarious! I have 6 month old twin niece and nephew and have been watching my brother and sister in law in amazement as they have found their way with double trouble! Answers to 1,5 and 6 involve lots of crying or bringing in reinforcements! But they are in a routine now (took about 4 months to get there) so life is a little easier! You will have a blast hahah!

  3. You are asking all the right questions! I suspect you have a sense of the answers too. You will need a mountain of diapers, babysitters will be few, your days (and nights) will be planned around bottles, people will stare, you will buy formula in BULK, and who knows about the stripper business...but there is good money in that!
    It's true...multiple babies = an incredible amount of work, patience, and sleepless nights. However, you get even more heart melting days where you will do whatever you can to be the best parents you can possibly be.
    The thing nobody tells you when you are expecting multiples is that the easiest part is when they are newborns!
    Best of luck!