Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wedding Bells

Mr. M and I got married yesterday at Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park, Canada. It was remarkable, a perfect day after weeks of rain, at the edge of the lake with the Rockies behind us. We had planned to get married in September before the babies come but as we started to make the plans we saw it was starting to get much more stressful and expensive than we thought. We had already planned this trip to Canada and I found out it's easy to get married in Alberta Province and off we went. Our officiant was a funny former park ranger and our photographer and witness some wacky Banffers. It was the most fun wedding I'd ever been too, we all laughed the whole time and even had a few solemn moments as we recited our individually written vows. It was perfect. We were a bit sad our family and friends weren't there but we will celebrate with them all when we get back. In other news we are at 21 weeks or so and all three babies are doing great (Mr. M calls them un, deux and trois and those names are starting to grow on me).


  1. CONGRATS!!! Wow just a week or so ahead of us, but you guys are definitely gonna have your hands full and will be loving every minute of it! That is a breathtaking view to be married in front of.. Amazing!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding. May it always be a joyous memory and just the beginning of your new lives as DADDIES!
    It is such a joy to have lived long enough to see this become increasingly possible; and I hope someday it is recognized as normal by our government as well as all our nation.
    Your pictures bring such joy into the world!

  3. Wonderful! And spontaneous! Good for avoid all the mayhem and such. The babies will bring that :-) And I can't believe it'll be THREE. You guys are in for a wild ride! Good luck and congratulations!

  4. congrats guys thats awesome, I am so happy for you. I wish many more years for the two of you