Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Big 4-0

Yesterday I turned 40. It was a big day. Mr. M. had lots of stuff planned. First I woke up to my beautiful Lulu. She thinks I'm her mummy and M is her daddy. Here she is.

M knows me very well and gave me a check and told me to knock myself out. The check was thoughtful but we are about to move house and I really wanted a new bed so I ripped it up, marched him to Sleepys and we spent the morning with the fabulous Anne testing mattresses. When Anne heard I sleep with two pillows scrunched together she nearly passed out. She takes her job very seriously. So we bought new pillows too. Anne is good!!!! She could sell ice to eskimos! We spent the day furniture shopping for the new place. We then headed to our new building to sign our lease. It was painful to leave our rent-controlled studio in Chelsea but then again It will be nice not to eat, sleep, work, cuddle with Lulu and watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills all in the same spot. We found a great new flat (which is what M calls an apartment-he is very upset that we Americans borrowed the word from the French instead of the English). Here are both places for comparison. See if you can guess which is the old and which is the new.

Finally, M pulled out his big surprise. We went to a great eatery in our new neighborhood and there were my parents. After dinner came the biggest surprise of all...

My parents loved the Gayest show of the universe. My mother didn't get all the jokes (There is one about Hormones and Whore-moans that I had to explain several times) but I have never heard them laugh so hard at a show. It made us all want to get dressed in drag and take a road trip.

The day ended with an email from India. Our embryos have been transferred into two surrogates (four and four embys) and we begin the two-week-wait for news. When M realized that technically both could get pregnant with twins he had a brief stroke but quickly recovered. I know what I want for my birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday... hope you get your birthday wish!!!

  2. A transfer for your birthday...! Good luck, and happy 4-0!

  3. Good luck guys! Hope that apt is really big :)

  4. What a lovely post! So much excitement-- a new place, a birthday, time with your family, cuddles with Lulu while watching RHBH... and an awesome transfer! Fantastic! Now let the next 2 weeks fly by!