Sunday, July 22, 2012

HOLY COW! (shock+India reference)

Here is our preliminary list of things to get by late September before the babies come and appx cost. Any suggestions of things we are missing, have too much of, or recommended brands are welcome.

1. Thirty burp cloths for 3 babies (10 x3) [$30]
2. 3 swings (1 to start with) [$120]
3. 3 bouncy seats (2 to start with) [$60]
4. 1 pack n plays - portable cribs with changer [$200]
5/6. Convertible crib (cot) with three sheets per bed and mattress - regular large crib. Eventually going up to 3 cribs [$300+50+50]
7. 3 Sleep sacks [$120]
8. 10 Receiving blankets [$100]
9. 10 Swaddling blankets [$100]
10. Sheet saver for the crib [$20]
11. 30 x 4 oz and 8oz Dr Brown bottles - different color per child and 10 size 1 nipples+cleaners [150+30+20]
12. 1 x triplet calendar for notes on their schedule [$20]
13. 1 x easy nurse pillow [already have] 3 boppys [$100]
14. 3 x plug in adaptors for baby swings [included with swings]
15. 3 x bottle nanny (prop to hold up the three bottles) [$60]
16. 3 x miracle swaddling blanket [$200]
17. 1 x changing table with drawers [$150]
18. Changing  pads [$50]
19. 2 x diaper bags (in case we sit separately on the flight) [$100]
20. 6 x baby new born hats [$70]
21. 3 x hand guards [$20]
22. 6 x romp suits to sleep in [$60]
23. 2 x ergo carrier (for carrying around in India) [$240]
24. 3 x phil and teds cocoon (for transit in india) [$150]
25. 20 x onesies [$125]
26. 20 x undershirts with snaps [$125]
27. 10 x pairs of socks [$25]
28. 10 soft bibs [$25]
29. 3 x snow suits? [75$]
30. 3-5 lightweight blankets for the strollers [$50]
31. 6 x terry cloth towels with hoods [$120]
32. 200 x newborn sized diapers [$60]
33. Baby Oil? [$10]
34. Lots of wipes! [$50]
35. 1 x baby nail scissors [$10]
36. 1 x baby thermometer [$10]
37. Lotion for baby rash [$30]
39. Baby shampoo [$10]
40. Bottle sterilizer? [$35]
41. Bottle warmer? [$35]
42. Large Pyrex pitcher for mixed formula [$10]
43. 1 x Bumpers for the crib [$30]
44. 1 x Diaper pail (dispose of diapers) [$50]
45. 1 x double stroller* - lie-flat stroller [$500]
46. 1 x single stroller* - lie flat stroller  [$300]
(*to be replaced at 6 months with foundations triple stroller) [$400]
47.  2 x sweaters and pants for each baby [$200]
48.  Electricity outlet baby proofs [$50]
49. Formula milk; we'll hold off on this until we sit what they're on in India

Holy Cow! Total Cost: around $4500. Not to mention another 500+ for formula and diapers for first month. This list is going to be the focus of my mild OCD for month of August. Thoughts?


  1. Put all this crap on your registry and then see how you make out. Def. don't buy 3 swings or seats or ANYthing. Get one. If they fight over it get more. There's a good (very as we learned) chance your kid will hate that swing your sister SWEARS buy. Blah blah. Daddies' shoulder is the only thing you really need. Oh that and the Bjorn Sitter bouncy seat ;)
    Very excited for you guys!

  2. I didn't see a rocking chair on there, unless you count that for you guys.. I agree on the swing thing, babies are picky little people sometimes! Also a VERY good idea to put it all on your registry, we decided whatever we don't get then we will purchase for ourselves.. So excited and wishing you guys all the best!!

  3. The Ergo carriers are great. This is the only thing we used in India. However, you'll also need the Ergo Carrier Infant Insert for use when the babies are less than 10 pounds. Baby showers are the way to go! We asked my in-laws to throw us a baby shower down in Maryland which included a lot of family. We threw one for ourselves which included our friends in the city. It's a great way to get a lot of stuff. Here's a big TIP! Be sure to stay organized and keep track of all the gift receipts as you open the gifts! It's easy for them to get all mixed up or lost. You'll definitely end up with duplicates that you'll want to return.

  4. Yep baby registry and baby shower. Save your money until that is done. Have fun!!!