Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mila and Estella

Just got to India at 4am this morning and have yet to sleep. I got to spend a bit of time with the girls. They are doing great, eating on their own and so far no complications. They are small so once they start gaining weight if all goes well they should be released from NICU (maybe four-five days). I'm in hotel til next week when babies come home and then we will do service apartment with nanny. The hospital is great. I got to massage babies but not feed them yet. Tomorrow the nurses will start teaching how to feed and burp. They are amazing. Here are some pics.




I need to sleep but more pics and news to come...


  1. I love the paper bib and the roomies shot. So blessed...and such an amazing ride ahead of you. Miss a bit of it but not the lack of sleep...but hopefully that will end soon. Looking forward to hearing about the next little arrival. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amazing! Congratulations DADS!!! They are small but they still look so strong. They will be at the apartment with you in no time. Get used to the no sleep thing! :)

  3. Congrats!!! Beautiful little dolls! We are right behind you in a few weeks! Can't wait to hear they are rooming with you! Best of luck!

  4. Congratulations again and they are so precious! Best to you and hope you get lots of rest.

  5. Congratulations, they look beautyful.

    I can see that they are at Delhi Newborn Centre. They will do great there, the nurses are splendid but...
    get them home as soon as possible and get some nurses from SCI to help you. They will provide the greatest care for them.

    Good luck with upcoming events.


  6. So happy for your guys! Your girls are beautiful!

  7. WOW! aren't they so precious?!. HUGE congratulations!!

  8. Miracles of love! Pure JOY!