Saturday, October 20, 2012

Welcome Lucy

Yesterday our second surrogate went into labor and at 4pm local time Lucy was born. She is huge compared to Mila and Estella (4.6lbs). She is doing great and should be out of hospital in a few days.

We went to US consulate this week for CRBA, passport and DNA test for twins. As others have said, it is pretty drama free. We were in and out in less than an hour. We didn't even need to use our ready-made Similac! The only snag we almost had was that the Affadavit for Physical Presence needed to be filed for each girl (I assumed they only needed one) but upon good advice I had with me multiple copies of everything so I was easily able to pull another form out of my folder. In terms of what we needed:

For Consular Birth Abroad/Passport

CBRA form
Passport form
Physical Presence form (with two separate lists, one for time in US and one for time out of US)
I used an old Passport as proof and I also brought bank statements but they didn't even look at them
They recommended I file social security forms back in US as it will be quicker
Two passport photos of each girl (with eyes open and ears showing--trying to get that was fun)
US passport of genetic father
Original Surrogacy Agreement and Copy of it
Original Birth Certificates and Copy of them
Letter from Clinic explaining their role
100 USD fee
Consular Appt receipt made online

For DNA test
DNA test kits already there (we used Chromosomal labs in Arizona)
Passport of genetic parent and copy
Original Birth Certificates and Copy
Receipt from Local Doctor for DNA test (our clinic paid the 1200 rupees per test)
Two passport photos for each person being tested including father
email from consulate scheduling DNA test

You will get back all original documents. There is a brief interview with consular officer but it was very relaxed. Mr. M and I didn't mention our relationship but it was clear he knew and was cool about it. Our clinic was really helpful in getting many of these documents for us and putting them together nicely as well as arranging photographs (part of an extra fee).

We should get results of DNA test by midweek and Emergency Passports soon after. We are scheduled to go back to consulate with Lucy on thursday (you can schedule visit when babies are born but be careful if they are in NICU. I had to reschedule DNA test at last minute cause Estella was not released and they warned me I could only do this once). I'm hoping we can have Lucy's passport by end of October and head home in first days of November. We are a bit nervous about overnight with three without any help (Mr. Ms mother should be here by next weekend) but so far this trial by fire method has worked well. Again, I promise pictures soon, but it might have to wait for a US server.


  1. These are great tips guys! I'm making notes so keep 'em coming! Can't wait for pics!

  2. Congrats on your Third little lady!!! Can't wait to see pics of them all! Super happy for you guys!!!

  3. Thanks alot for the tips this is awesome helps all of us that are on our way over, January here I come

  4. So happy for you! Three little girls wonderful!!
    Kathirn (Germany)

  5. Congratulations on the good news. We're happy the exit process is going smoothly. You will all be back in Manhattan in no time.

  6. Congratulations on your third little girl. I look forward to seeing more updates.