Saturday, October 13, 2012

Two Weeks Old

Tomorrow the girls will be two weeks. We moved from self-service apartment to hotel because it seems to be easier. Both girls are home and Mr. M and I are adjusting to nappies and bottles pretty well. We kind of have a system, M. is the main comforter/changer and I am in a supporting role, making/cleaning bottles and getting him the supplies he needs. I bought a bottle sterilizer and stroller and both have been lifesavers. Mila has a big mouth while Estella is more understated but they both have their own unique personalities. The hotel has been able to get us a nanny (15usd a day!) though we haven't used her yet. On tuesday we have passport appt and thursday DNA tests. After that we have a few weeks to chill out by pool anjd bond with twins. It's a pretty nice life so far...

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